Automatic Synthesis of the Topology and Sizing for Analog Electrical Circuits Using Genetic Programming

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  abstract =     "The design (synthesis) of an analog electrical circuit
                 entails the creation of both the topology and sizing
                 (numerical values) of all of the circuit's components.
                 There has previously been no general automated
                 technique for automatically creating the design for an
                 analog electrical circuit from a high-level statement
                 of the circuit's desired behavior. We have demonstrated
                 how genetic programming can be used to automate the
                 design of seven prototypical analog circuits, including
                 a lowpass filter, a highpass filter, a passband filter,
                 a bandpass filter, a frequency-measuring circuit, a 60
                 dB amplifier, a differential amplifier, a computational
                 circuit for the square root function, and a
                 time-optimal robot controller circuit. All seven of
                 these genetically evolved circuits constitute instances
                 of an evolutionary computation technique solving a
                 problem that is usually thought to require human
                 intelligence. The approach described herein can be
                 directly applied to many other problems of analog
                 circuit synthesis.",
  notes =        "EUROGEN'99


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