Automatic synthesis, placement, and routing of an amplifier circuit by means of genetic programming

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  title =        "Automatic synthesis, placement, and routing of an
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  abstract =     "The complete design of a circuit typically includes
                 the tasks of creating the circuit's placement and
                 routing as well as creating its topology and component
                 sizing. Design engineers perform these four tasks
                 sequentially. Each of these four tasks is, by itself,
                 either vexatious or computationally intractable. This
                 paper describes an automatic approach in which genetic
                 programming starts with a high-level statement of the
                 requirements for the desired circuit and simultaneously
                 creates the circuit's topology, component sizing,
                 placement, and routing as part of a single integrated
                 design process. The approach is illustrated using the
                 problem of designing a 60 decibel amplifier. The
                 fitness measure considers the gain, bias, and
                 distortion of the candidate circuit as well as the area
                 occupied by the circuit after the automatic placement
                 and routing.",
  notes =        "ICES-2000",

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