Acquiring Textual Relations Automatically on the Web using Genetic Programming

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  abstract =     "The flood of electronic information is pouring over
                 us, while the technology maintaining the information
                 and making it available to us has not yet been able to
                 catch up. One of the paradigms within information
                 retrieval focuses on the use of thesauruses to analyse
                 contextual/structural information. We have explored a
                 method that automatically finds textual relations in
                 electronic documents using genetic programming and
                 semantic networks. Such textual relations can be used
                 to extend and update thesauruses as well as semantic
                 networks. The program is written in PROLOG and
                 communicates with software for natural language
                 parsing. The system is also an example of
                 computationally expensive fitness function using a
                 large database. The results from the experiment show
                 feasibility for this type of automatic relation
  notes =        "EuroGP'2000, part of \cite{poli:2000:GP}",

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