Blob Computing

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  author =       "Frederic Gruau and Yves Lhuillier and 
                 Philippe Reitz and Olivier Temam",
  title =        "Blob Computing",
  booktitle =    "Computing Frontiers",
  year =         "2004",
  pages =        "125--139",
  organisation = "ACM",
  publisher =    "SIGMicro",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming",
  URL =          "",
  abstract =     "Current processor and multiprocessor architectures are
                 almost all based on the Von Neumann paradigm. Based on
                 this paradigm, one can build a general-purpose computer
                 using very few transistors, e.g., 2250 transistors in
                 the first Intel 4004 microprocessor. In other terms,
                 the notion that on-chip space is a scarce resource is
                 at the root of this paradigm which trades on-chip space
                 for program execution time. Today, technology
                 considerably relaxed this space constraint. Still, few
                 research works question this paradigm as the most
                 adequate basis for high-performance computers, even
                 though the paradigm was not initially designed to scale
                 with technology and space.

                 In this article, we propose a different computing
                 model, defining both an architecture and a language,
                 that is intrinsically designed to exploit space; we
                 then investigate the implementation issues of a
                 computer based on this model, and we provide simulation
                 results for small programs and a simplified
                 architecture as a first proof of concept. Through this
                 model, we also want to outline that revisiting some of
                 the principles of today's computing paradigm has the
                 potential of overcoming major limitations of current
  notes =        "

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                 Conf. avec Actes - Numero de document : 11378

                 Blob is a dynamic collection of particles. Particles
                 run on regular lattice of computer processing elements
                 (PE). Cellular encoding used for dynamic positioning",

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