Experimental design based multi-parent crossover operator

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  author =       "Kit Yan Chan and Terence C. Fogarty",
  title =        "Experimental design based multi-parent crossover
  booktitle =    "Genetic Programming, Proceedings of EuroGP'2003",
  year =         "2003",
  editor =       "Conor Ryan and Terence Soule and Maarten Keijzer and 
                 Edward Tsang and Riccardo Poli and Ernesto Costa",
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  DOI =          "doi:10.1007/3-540-36599-0_27",
  abstract =     "Recently, the methodologies of multi-parent crossover
                 have been developed by performing the crossover
                 operation with multi-parent. Some studies have
                 indicated the high performance of multi-parent
                 crossover on some numerical optimization problems. Here
                 a new crossover operator has been proposed by
                 integrating multi-parent crossover with the approach of
                 experimental design. It is based on experimental design
                 method in exploring the solution space that compensates
                 the random search as in traditional genetic algorithm.
                 By replacing the inbuilt randomness of crossover
                 operator with a more systematical method, the proposed
                 method outperforms the classical GA strategy on several
                 GA benchmark problems.",
  notes =        "EuroGP'2003 held in conjunction with EvoWorkshops

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