EASEA : un langage de specification pour les algorithmes evolutionnaires

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  author =       "Pierre Collet and Marc Schoenauer and 
                 Evelyne Lutton and Jean Louchet",
  title =        "EASEA : un langage de specification pour les
                 algorithmes evolutionnaires",
  institution =  "INRIA",
  year =         "2001",
  number =       "RR-4218",
  address =      "Domaine de Voluceau - Rocquencourt - B.P. 105 78153 Le
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  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, EASEA, Java",
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  hal_id =       "inria-00000849",
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  size =         "17 pages",
  abstract =     "Contrairement aux apparences, il n'est pas simple
                 d'ecrire un programme informatique realisant un
                 algorithme evolutionnaire, d'autant que le manque de
                 langage specialise oblige l'utilisateur a utiliser C,
                 C++ ou JAVA. La plupart des algorithmes
                 evolutionnaires, cependant, possedent une structure
                 commune, et la part reellement specifique est
                 constituee par une faible portion du code. Ainsi, il
                 semble que rien ne s'oppose en theorie a ce qu'un
                 utilisateur puisse construire, puis faire tourner son
                 algorithme evolutionnaire a partir d'une interface
                 graphique, afin de limiter son effort de programmation
                 a la fonction a optimiser. L'ecriture d'une telle
                 interface graphique pose tout d'abord le probleme de
                 sauver et de recharger l'algorithme evolutionnaire sur
                 lequel l'utilisateur travaille, puis celui de
                 transformer ces informations en code compilable. Cela
                 ressemble fort a un language de specification et son
                 compilateur. Le logiciel EASEA a ete cree dans ce but,
                 et a notre connaissance, il est actuellement le seul et
                 unique compilateur de langage specifique aux
                 algorithmes evolutionnaires. Ce rapport decrit comment
                 EASEA a ete construit et quels sont les problemes qui
                 restent a resoudre pour achever son implantation
  abstract =     "Evolutionary algorithms are not straightforward to
                 implement and the lack of any specialised language
                 forces users to write their algorithms in C, C++ or
                 JAVA. However, most evolutionary algorithms follow a
                 similar design, and the only really specific part is
                 the code representing the problem to be solved.
                 Therefore, it seems that nothing, in theory, could
                 prevent a user from being able to design and run his
                 evolutionary algorithm from a Graphic User Interface,
                 without any other programming effort than the function
                 to be optimised. Writing such a GUI rapidly poses the
                 problem of saving and reloading the evolutionary
                 algorithm on which the user is working, and translating
                 the information into compilable code. This very much
                 sounds like a specifying language and its compiler. The
                 EASEA software was created on this purpose, and to our
                 knowledge, it is the first and only usable compiler of
                 a language specific to evolutionary algorithms. This
                 reprot describes how EASEA has been designed and the
                 problems which needed to be solved to achieve its
  notes =        "In english. Also known as \cite{CSLL-juin2001}",

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