Genetic Programming on Program Traces as an Inference Engine for Probabilistic Languages

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  author =       "Vita Batishcheva and Alexey Potapov",
  title =        "Genetic Programming on Program Traces as an Inference
                 Engine for Probabilistic Languages",
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                 Artificial General Intelligence, AGI 2015",
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  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, Probabilistic
                 programming, Program traces",
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  bibsource =    "DBLP,
  URL =          "",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1007/978-3-319-21365-1_2",
  abstract =     "Methods of simulated annealing and genetic programming
                 over probabilistic program traces are developed
                 firstly. These methods combine expressiveness of
                 Turing-complete probabilistic languages, in which
                 arbitrary generative models can be defined, and search
                 effectiveness of meta-heuristic methods. To use these
                 methods, one should only specify a generative model of
                 objects of interest and a fitness function over them
                 without necessity to implement domain-specific genetic
                 operators or mappings from objects to and from bit
                 strings. On the other hand, implemented methods showed
                 better quality than the traditional mh-query on several
                 optimization tasks. Thus, these results can contribute
                 to both fields of genetic programming and probabilistic

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