Evolutionary organizational search

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  abstract =     "In this paper, we proposed Evolutionary Organizational
                 Search (EOS), an optimization method for the
                 organizational control of multi-agent systems (MASs)
                 based on genetic programming (GP). EOS adds to the
                 existing armory a metaheuristic extension, which is
                 capable of efficient search and less vulnerable to
                 stalling at local optima than greedy methods due to its
                 stochastic nature. EOS employs a flexible genotype
                 which can be applied to a wide range of tree-shaped
                 organizational forms. EOS also considers special
                 constraints of MASs. A novel mutation operator, the
                 redistribution operator, was proposed. Experiments
                 optimizing an information retrieval system illustrated
                 the adaptation of solutions generated by EOS to
                 environmental changes.",
  notes =        "Poster:

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