Kernel Combination Through Genetic Programming for Image Classification

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  author =       "Yuri H. Ribeiro and 
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  size =         "8 pages",
  abstract =     "Support vector machine is a supervised learning
                 technique which uses kernels to perform nonlinear
                 separations of data. In this work, we propose a
                 combination of kernels through genetic programming in
                 which the individual fitness is obtained by a K-NN
                 classifier using a kernel-based distance measure.
                 Experiments have shown that our method KGP-K is much
                 faster than other methods during training, but it is
                 still able to generate individuals (i.e., kernels) with
                 competitive performance (in terms of accuracy) to the
                 ones that were produced by other methods. KGP-K
                 produces reasonable kernels to use in the SVM with no
                 knowledge about the distribution of data, even if they
                 could be more complex than the ones generated by other
                 methods and, therefore, they need more time during

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