A Pac-Man bot based on grammatical evolution

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  size =         "12 pages",
  abstract =     "In this article, we propose the development of a bot
                 for playing the video game Ms. Pac-Man vs. Ghosts using
                 a grammatical evolution based evolutionary algorithm.
                 This technique evolves programs that are evaluated by
                 executing them in the game. The program encodes the
                 strategy that the bot plays and is obtained through the
                 derivation of grammar rules in a particular order,
                 which is defined by the algorithm. We experimented with
                 two different grammars: The first one includes
                 high-level actions and the second one involves
                 medium-level actions. Both grammars include state
                 providers. To make the evolutionary process more
                 efficient, we perform a series of optimisations on the
                 evolutionary algorithm, including parallelization of
                 the fitness evaluation and multi-objective
                 optimisation. Experimental results using the two
                 grammars and two different ghost controllers are
                 presented. We report better results with our bots than
                 the baseline controllers and other controllers based on
                 grammatical evolution.",
  notes =        "urn:nbn:de:0074-1957-8",

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