Argument graph classification with Genetic Programming and C4.5

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  author =       "Collin Lynch and Kevin D. Ashley and 
                 Niels Pinkwart and Vincent Aleven",
  title =        "Argument graph classification with Genetic Programming
                 and C4.5",
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  abstract =     "In well-defined domains there exist well-accepted
                 criteria for detecting good and bad student solutions.
                 Many ITS implement these criteria characterize
                 solutions and to give immediate feedback. While this
                 has been shown to promote learning, it is not always
                 possible in ill-defined domains that typically lack
                 well-accepted criteria. In this paper we report on the
                 induction of classification rules for student solutions
                 in an ill-defined domain. We compare the viability of
                 classifications using statistical measures with
                 classification trees induced via C4.5 and Genetic
  notes =        "See also \cite{CollinLynch-Thesis-3-11-2014}",

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