Modelling Video Games' Landscapes by Means of Genetic Terrain Programming - A New Approach for Improving Users' Experience

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  title =        "Modelling Video Games' Landscapes by Means of Genetic
                 Terrain Programming - {A} New Approach for Improving
                 Users' Experience",
  author =       "Miguel Frade and F. {Fernandez de Vega} and 
                 Carlos Cotta",
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  month =        "26-28 " # mar,
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, terrain
                 generation, video games, evolutionary art",
  abstract =     "Terrain generation algorithms can provide a realistic
                 scenario for video game experience and can help keep
                 users interested in playing by providing new landscapes
                 each time they play. Nowadays there are a wide range of
                 techniques for terrain generation, but all of them are
                 focused on providing realistic terrains. This paper
                 proposes a new technique, Genetic Terrain Programming,
                 based on evolutionary design with GP to allow game
                 designers to evolve terrains according to their
                 aesthetic feelings or desired features. The developed
                 application produces Terrains Programs that will always
                 generate different terrains, but consistently with the
                 same features (e.g. valleys, lakes).",
  notes =        "GPLAB Matlab, FFT",

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