Finding Golf Courses: The Ultra High Tech Approach

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  size =         "12 pages",
  abstract =     "The search for a suitable golf course is a very
                 important issue in the travel plans of any modern
                 manager. Modern management is also infamous for its
                 penchant for high-tech gadgetry. Here we combine these
                 two facets of modern management life. We aim to provide
                 the cutting edge manager with a method of finding golf
                 courses from space! In this paper, we present Genie: a
                 hybrid evolutionary algorithm-based system that tackles
                 the general problem of finding features of interest in
                 multi-spectral remotely-sensed images, including, but
                 not limited to, golf courses. Using this system we are
                 able to successfully locate golf courses in 10-channel
                 satellite images of several desirable US locations.",
  notes =        "EvoWorkshops 2000: EvoIASP, EvoSCONDI, EvoTel,
                 EvoSTIM, EvoRob, and EvoFlight, Edinburgh, Scotland,
                 UK, April 17, 2000 Proceedings",

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