Grammatical Evolution Algorithm for Position Prediction of the Ball in Robot-Soccer Goal Keeper Optimization

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  abstract =     "Position prediction of the ball that approaches to the
                 goal is necessary for a goalkeeper robot. In this
                 paper, grammatical evolution is used for prediction.
                 Grammatical evolution will be tested on grammar with
                 linear characteristic. Data used in this research was
                 taken from the Y-axis coordinate of the Ball and divide
                 into 3 Home area. The research focuses on two
                 conditions of the ball: straight movement and bouncing
                 off the wall. From the results of this study, it was
                 obtained three functions which can be used to predict
                 position of the ball in goal area. The smallest mean of
                 fitness value is 1.24729 for straight movement and
                 2.64366 for bouncing off the wall conditions.",
  notes =        "Intelligent Robotics Systems: Inspiring the NEXT",

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