Overview of Interactive Genetic Programming Approaches for Conversational Agents

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  title =        "Overview of Interactive Genetic Programming Approaches
                 for Conversational Agents",
  author =       "Diana Perez-Marin and Ismael Pascual-Nieto",
  booktitle =    "Proceedings of the International Conference on Agents
                 and Artificial Intelligence, ICAART 2010",
  year =         "2010",
  editor =       "Joaquim Filipe and Ana L. N. Fred and 
                 Bernadette Sharp",
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  pages =        "359--366",
  address =      "Valencia, Spain",
  month =        jan # " 22-24",
  publisher =    "INSTICC Press",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, Interactive
                 Genetic Programming, Conversational Agent, Evolutionary
                 Algorithm, Dialogue System, Natural Language
  isbn13 =       "978-989-674-021-4",
  URL =          "http://www.icaart.org/Abstracts/2010/SpecialSessionLAMAS_2010_Abstracts.htm",
  DOI =          "doi:10.5220/0002769403590366",
  bibdate =      "2010-03-03",
  bibsource =    "DBLP,
  abstract =     "Many of the existing conversational agents provide
                 predefined answers. Therefore, the generated dialogue
                 is quite similar for different users. Interactive
                 genetic algorithms ask humans to provide fitness,
                 rather than using a programmed function to compute it.
                 This permits a better adjustment to the preferences and
                 needs of each user. In this paper, a review of how
                 interactive genetic algorithms can be used to provide
                 more flexible and adaptable dialogues is presented.",
  notes =        "Paper Nr: 5 Special Session LAMAS 2010",

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