Peptide Classification with Genetic Programming Ensemble of Generalised Indicator Models

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  abstract =     "The generalised indicator model (GIM) has been
                 developed for peptide classification with success.
                 However, the performance of GIM varies with the
                 mutation matrix which is used to measure the similarity
                 between peptides. This work investigates three methods
                 for building meta-classifiers based on GIMs which are
                 treated as base classifiers constructed using different
                 mutation matrices. The three methods are linear
                 combination, neural network combination and genetic
                 programming. The simulation shows that the genetic
                 programming method performs the best in two aspects.
                 First, it is able to identify the most important base
                 classifiers for building a meta-classifier without any
                 a priori knowledge. Second, a metaclassfier delivered
                 is a mathematical equation being capable of
  notes =        "

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