Genetic Programming to Improvement FIB Model - Bond and Anchorage of Reinforcing Steel in Structural Concrete

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                 Juan R. Rabunal and Fernando Martinez-Abella",
  title =        "Genetic Programming to Improvement {FIB} Model - Bond
                 and Anchorage of Reinforcing Steel in Structural
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  abstract =     "Starting from the FIB database, this work is aimed to
                 analyse the current equations which predict the main
                 datum that can be provided by bond tests: the ultimate
                 bar stress when the failure is reached. Furthermore,
                 Genetic Programming (GP) techniques are also applied in
                 order to enhance the expression of the FIB, which
                 achieves the best adjustment so far, giving rise to the
                 new Model Code 2010. The final result shown is a highly
                 predictive equation. The results are compared with
                 those included in the Model Code and it is showed the
                 influence of the main variables on the phenomenon
                 (concrete strength, yield strength of steel, concrete
                 cover, transverse reinforcement and diameter of the

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