Phishing Attacks Detection Using Genetic Programming

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  abstract =     "Phishing is a real threat on the Internet nowadays.
                 According to a report released by an American security
                 firm, RSA, there have been approximately 33,000
                 phishing attacks globally each month in 2012, leading
                 to a loss of $687 million. Therefore, fighting against
                 phishing attacks is of great importance. One popular
                 and widely-deployed solution with browsers is to
                 integrate a blacklist sites into them. However, this
                 solution, which is unable to detect new attacks if the
                 database is out of date, appears to be not effective
                 when there are a lager number of phishing attacks
                 created very day. In this paper, we propose a solution
                 to this problem by applying Genetic Programming to
                 phishing detection problem. We conducted the
                 experiments on a data set including both phishing and
                 legitimate sites collected from the Internet. We
                 compared the performance of Genetic Programming with a
                 number of other machine learning techniques and the
                 results showed that Genetic Programming produced the
                 best solutions to phishing detection problem.",

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