GenInc: An Incremental Context-Free Grammar Learning Algorithm for Domain-Specific Language Development

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  abstract =     "While grammar inference (or grammar induction) has
                 found extensive application in the areas of robotics,
                 computational biology, speech and pattern recognition,
                 its application to problems in programming language and
                 software engineering domains has been limited. We have
                 found a new application area for grammar inference
                 which intends to make domain specific language
                 development easier for domain experts not well versed
                 in programming language design, and finds a second
                 application in construction of renovation tools for
                 legacy software systems. As a continuation of our
                 previous efforts to infer context-free grammars (CFGs)
                 for domain-specific languages which previously involved
                 a genetic-programming based CFG inference system, we
                 discuss improvements made to an incremental learning
                 algorithm, called GenInc, for inferring context-free
                 grammars with a core focus on facilitating
                 domain-specific language development. We elaborate on
                 the enhancements made to GenInc in the form of new
                 operators, and conclude by discussing the results of
                 applying GenInc to domain-specific languages.",

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