Lithology discrimination using seismic elastic attributes: a genetic fuzzy classifier approach

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  abstract =     "One of the most important issues in oil \& gas
                 industry is the lithological identification. Lithology
                 is the macroscopic description of the physical
                 characteristics of a rock. This work proposes a new
                 methodology for lithological discrimination, using
                 GPF-CLASS model (Genetic Programming for Fuzzy
                 Classification) a Genetic Fuzzy System based on
                 Multi-Gene Genetic Programming. The main advantage of
                 our approach is the possibility to identify, through
                 seismic patterns, the rock types in new regions without
                 requiring opening wells. Thus, we seek for a reliable
                 model that provides two flexibilities for the experts:
                 evaluate the membership degree of a seismic pattern to
                 the several rock types and the chance to analyse at
                 linguistic level the model output. Therefore, the final
                 tool must afford knowledge discovery and support to the
                 decision maker. Also, we evaluate other 7
                 classification models (from statistics and
                 computational intelligence), using a database from a
                 well located in Brazilian coast. The results
                 demonstrate the potentialities of GPF-CLASS model when
                 comparing to other classifiers.",
  notes =        "Also known as \cite{2598319} GECCO-2014 A joint
                 meeting of the twenty third international conference on
                 genetic algorithms (ICGA-2014) and the nineteenth
                 annual genetic programming conference (GP-2014)",

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