Evolving Natural Language Parser with Genetic Programming

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  title =        "Evolving Natural Language Parser with Genetic
  author =       "Grzegorz Dulewicz and Olgierd Unold",
  editor =       "Ajith Abraham and Mario Koppen",
  booktitle =    "2001 International Workshop on Hybrid Intelligent
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  ISBN =         "3-7908-1480-6",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, natural
                 language processing, edge encoding",
  abstract =     "1 Introduction When we try to deal with natural
                 language processing (NLP) we have to start with a
                 grammar of a natural language. But the grammars
                 described in linguistic literature have an informal
                 form and many exceptions. Thus, they are not useful to
                 create final formal models of grammars, which make
                 machine processing of sentences possible. These
                 grammars can be a starting point for the attempts to
                 create basic models of natural language grammar at the
                 most. However, it requires expert knowledge. Machine
                 learning based on a set of sample sentences can be the
                 better way to find the grammar rules. This kind of
                 learning allows to avoid the preparation of knowledge
                 about the language for the NLP system. The examples of
                 correct and incorrect sentences allow the NLP systems
                 with the self-evolutionary parser to try to find the
                 right grammar. This self-evolutionary parser can be
                 improved on basis of new examples. Thus, the knowledge
                 acquired in this way is flexible and easyly
  notes =        "HIS01",

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