Elevator Group Supervisory Control System Using Genetic Network Programming with Functional Localization

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  abstract =     "Genetic Network Programming (GNP) whose gene consists
                 of directed graphs has been proposed as a new method of
                 evolutionary computations, and it is recently applied
                 to the Elevator Group Supervisory Control System
                 (EGSCS), a real world problem, to confirm its
                 effectiveness. In the previous study, although the flow
                 of traffic in the elevator system is known and fixed,
                 it is changed dynamically with time in real elevator
                 systems. Therefore, the EGSCS with an adaptive control
                 should be studied considering such changes for
                 practical applications. In this paper, the GNP with
                 functional localisation is applied to the EGSCS to
                 construct such an adaptive system. In the proposed
                 method, the switching GNP can switch the functionally
                 localised GNPs (assigning GNPs) fitted to several kinds
                 of traffic by detecting the change of the flow of
                 traffic. From the simulations, the adaptability and
                 effectiveness of the proposed method are clarified
                 using the traffic data of a day in an office
  notes =        "CEC2005 - A joint meeting of the IEEE, the IEE, and
                 the EPS.",

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