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  author =       "Gusz Eiben",
  title =        "GP in Leiden",
  note =         "electronic communication",
  month =        "10 " # nov,
  year =         "1997",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming",
  notes =        "

                 Organisation: Leiden University, Dept. of Mathematics &
                 Computer Science, The Netherlands

                 Dear GP-ers,

                 Following Michele's example on

                 > everybody could just give a list of keywords, >
                 describing > - the main technical focus of the person
                 or the team > - the applications. here is the item on
                 the Leiden group.

                 Mainly applications and application oriented research
                 in the filed of marketing and financial services. Alas,
                 this implies that many of our projects are
                 confidential. Even if we are allowed to submit, we need
                 to leave out so many technical details that the
                 reviewers find it unacceptable. I hope you can use some
                 of this info.


                 Cheers, Gusz
                 Topics, resp. applications:

                 - Direct marketing application for a big multinational
                 computer manufacturer (see the publication below) -
                 Credit-Score-Card application for a medium size Dutch

                 - Creditability evaluation application for a major
                 Dutch bank

                 - Data mining feature selection application for a small
                 Dutch software house

                 - Customer retention modelling for a major Dutch
                 investment fund

                 see \cite{EEKS98}

                 Master Theses co-supervised by our group members (not

                 M. Keijzer, Representing Computer Programs in Genetic
                 Programming, 1995 (in English). Supervised by A.E.
                 Eiben and M. Gerrets.

                 S. da Silva, Go and Genetic Programming: Playing Go
                 with Filter Functions, 1996 (in English). Supervised by
                 A.E. Eiben and H.J.M. Goeman.

                 H.D. Sneep, A Genetic Algorithms for the Development of
                 a Credit-Score-Card, 1994. Supervised by A.E. Eiben and
                 H.J. Gaaikema.

                 C. van Straten, Predictive Power of Genetic
                 Programming, 1995. Supervised by A.E. Eiben and J.A.M.

                 C.J. Veenman, Positional Genetic Programming, 1996 (in
                 English). Supervised by A.E. Eiben and W.J. Kowalczyk
                 (see \cite{veennan:mastersthesis} )

                 D. de Vries, Seeking for the Reliable Custumer with
                 Darwin, 1994. Supervised by A.E. Eiben and B.

                 D.L.T. Zwietering, Genetic Selection of Relevant
                 Features, 1995. Supervised by A.E. Eiben, E. Lebert and
                 D. Thierens.



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