Programa\c c\~ao Gen\'etica na Otimiza\c c\~ao de Circuitos Digitais

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  title =        "Programa{\c c}{\~a}o Gen{\'e}tica na Otimiza{\c
                 c}{\~a}o de Circuitos Digitais",
  author =       "Ernesto Rodrigues",
  publisher =    "Springer?",
  year =         "2003",
  abstract =     "This paper reports a Genetic Programming (GP)
                 multiobjective optimization approach to design logic
                 circuits. The idea is to use a two stages fitness
                 evaluation. First, only validity of the circuit is
                 taken in account. Once a solution appears, then another
                 fitness function is used, so that GP tries to find the
                 circuit with the minimum size.",
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                 url broken 27 Sep 2004",

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