Application of Genetic Programming to Signal Processing Problems

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  author =       "Anna I. Esparcia-Alcazar and Ken C. Sharman",
  title =        "Application of Genetic Programming to Signal
                 Processing Problems",
  institution =  "Faculty of Engineering",
  year =         "1996",
  type =         "Technical Report",
  number =       "CSC-96010",
  address =      "Glasgow G12 8QQ, Scotland",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, Digital
                 Signal Processing Simulated Annealing, Adaptive
  URL =          "",
  URL =          "",
  abstract =     "The field of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is
                 concerned with the restoration of signals which have
                 undergone distortion and interference or noise
                 corruption as a result of being transmitted. The usual
                 way to recover such a signal is by adaptive filtering.
                 Designing adaptive filters is not an easy task. It
                 usually involves complicated algorithms whose
                 performance depends on the skill of the designer as
                 well as the power of the computer used. The aim of the
                 present work is to provide a way of automating such
                 process by means of a black box technique. In this
                 approach, both the structure and the parameters of
                 adaptive filters are evolved. The former is done by
                 Genetic Programming (GP) and the latter is done by
                 Simulated Annealing (SA). The power of the hybrid GP/SA
                 is demonstrated with some results on three interesting
                 DSP applications: channel equalisation, noise
                 cancellation and interference removal.",
  notes =        "Also submitted to: Late-breaking papers at the Genetic
                 Programming 96 Conference, Stanford, USA, July 1996
  size =         "pages",

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