Evolving Modular Recursive Sorting Algorithms

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  author =       "Alexandros Agapitos and Simon M. Lucas",
  title =        "Evolving Modular Recursive Sorting Algorithms",
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                 Leonardo Vanneschi and Anna Isabel Esparcia-Alc\'azar",
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  ISBN =         "3-540-71602-5",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1007/978-3-540-71605-1_28",
  abstract =     "A fundamental issue in evolutionary learning is the
                 definition of the solution representation language. We
                 present the application of Object Oriented Genetic
                 Programming to the task of coevolving general recursive
                 sorting algorithms along with their primitive
                 representation alphabet. We report the computational
                 effort required to evolve target solutions and provide
                 a comparison between crossover and mutation variation
                 operators, and also undirected random search. We found
                 that the induction of evolved method signatures (typed
                 parameters and return type) can be realized through an
                 evolutionary fitness-driven process. We also found that
                 the evolutionary algorithm outperformed undirected
                 random search, and that mutation performed better than
                 crossover in this problem domain. The main result is
                 that modular sorting algorithms can be evolved.",
  notes =        "Part of \cite{ebner:2007:GP} EuroGP'2007 held in
                 conjunction with EvoCOP2007, EvoBIO2007 and

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