FIFTH: A Stack Based GP Language for Vector Processing

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  abstract =     "FIFTH, a new stack-based genetic programming language,
                 efficiently expresses solutions to a large class of
                 feature recognition problems. This problem class
                 includes mining time-series data, classification of
                 multivariate data, image segmentation, and digital
                 signal processing (DSP). FIFTH is based on FORTH
                 principles. Key features of FIFTH are a single data
                 stack for all data types and support for vectors and
                 matrices as single stack elements. We demonstrate that
                 the language characteristics allow simple and elegant
                 representation of signal processing algorithms while
                 maintaining the rules necessary to automatically evolve
                 stack correct and control flow correct programs. FIFTH
                 supports all essential program architecture constructs
                 such as automatically defined functions, loops,
                 branches, and variable storage. An XML configuration
                 file provides easy selection from a rich set of
                 operators, including domain specific functions such as
                 the Fourier transform (FFT). The fully-distributed
                 FIFTH environment (GPE5) uses CORBA for its underlying
                 process communication.",
  notes =        "Part of \cite{ebner:2007:GP} EuroGP'2007 held in
                 conjunction with EvoCOP2007, EvoBIO2007 and

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