Gene expression programming and the automatic evolution of computer programs

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  author =       "Candida Ferreira",
  title =        "Gene expression programming and the automatic
                 evolution of computer programs",
  booktitle =    "Recent Developments in Biologically Inspired
  publisher =    "Idea Group Publishing",
  year =         "2004",
  editor =       "Leandro N. {de Castro} and Fernando J. {Von Zuben}",
  chapter =      "6",
  pages =        "82--103",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, Gene
                 Expression Programming",
  ISBN =         "1-59140-312-X",
  URL =          "",
  abstract =     "In this chapter an artificial problem solver inspired
                 in natural genotype/phenotype systems gene expression
                 programming is presented. As an introduction, the
                 fundamental differences between gene expression
                 programming and its predecessors, genetic algorithms
                 and genetic programming, are briefly summarised so that
                 the evolutionary advantages of gene expression
                 programming are better understood. The work proceeds
                 with a detailed description of the architecture of the
                 main players of this new algorithm (chromosomes and
                 expression trees), focusing mainly on the interactions
                 between them and how the simple yet revolutionary
                 structure of the chromosomes allows the efficient,
                 unconstrained exploration of the search space. And
                 finally, the chapter closes with an advanced
                 application in which gene expression programming is
                 used to evolve computer programs for diagnosing breast
  notes =        "


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