Nonlinear Model Structure Identification Using Genetic Programming

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  author =       "Gary J. Gray and David J. Murray-Smith and Yun Li and 
                 Ken C. Sharman",
  title =        "Nonlinear Model Structure Identification Using Genetic
  booktitle =    "Late Breaking Papers at the Genetic Programming 1996
                 Conference Stanford University July 28-31, 1996",
  year =         "1996",
  editor =       "John R. Koza",
  pages =        "32--37",
  address =      "Stanford University, CA, USA",
  publisher_address = "Stanford University, Stanford, California
                 94305-3079, USA",
  month =        "28--31 " # jul,
  publisher =    "Stanford Bookstore",
  ISBN =         "0-18-201031-7",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming",
  URL =          "",
  URL =          "",
  abstract =     "Genetic programming can be used to evolve an algebraic
                 expression as part of an equation representing measured
                 inputoutput response data. Parts of the nonlinear
                 differential equations describing a dynamic system are
                 identified along with their numerical parameters using
                 genetic programming. The results of several such
                 optimisations are analysed to produce a nonlinear
                 physical representation of the dynamic system. This
                 method is applied to the identification of fluid flow
                 through pipes in a coupled water tank system. A
                 representative nonlinear model is identified.",
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