Extending Genetic Programming with Recombinative Guidance

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  author =       "Hitoshi Iba and Hugo {de Garis}",
  title =        "Extending Genetic Programming with Recombinative
  booktitle =    "Advances in Genetic Programming 2",
  publisher =    "MIT Press",
  year =         "1996",
  editor =       "Peter J. Angeline and K. E. {Kinnear, Jr.}",
  pages =        "69--88",
  chapter =      "4",
  address =      "Cambridge, MA, USA",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming",
  ISBN =         "0-262-01158-1",
  URL =          "http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/articleDetails.jsp?tp=&arnumber=6277499",
  size =         "20 pages",
  abstract =     "This chapter introduces a recombinative guidance
                 mechanism for GP (Genetic Programming), and shows the
                 effectiveness of our approach using various
                 experiments. Traditional GP blindly combines subtrees,
                 by applying crossover operations. This blind
                 replacement, in general, can often disrupt beneficial
                 building-blocks in tree structures. Randomly chosen
                 crossover points ignore the semantics of the parent
                 trees. Our goal is to exploit already built structures
                 by adaptive recombination, in which GP recombination is
                 guided by ``S-value'' measures. We present various
                 S-value definitions, and show that the performance
                 depends upon the definition.",

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