Genetic Programming using Genotype-Phenotype Mapping from Linear Genomes into Linear Phenotypes

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  author =       "Robert E. Keller and Wolfgang Banzhaf",
  title =        "Genetic Programming using Genotype-Phenotype Mapping
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                 In common genetic programming approaches, the space of
                 genotypes, that is the search space, is identical to
                 the space of phenotypes, that is the solution space.
                 Facts and theories from molecular biology suggest the
                 introduction of non-identical genospaces and
                 phenospaces, and a generic genotype-phenotype mapping
                 which maps unconstrained genotypes into syntactically
                 correct phenotypes. Neutral variants come into effect
                 due to this mapping. They enhance genetic diversity and
                 allow for escaping local optima in phenospace via
                 high-dimensional saddle surfaces in genospace. We
                 propose a concrete mapping that maps linear binary
                 genotypes into linear phenotypes of an arbitrary
                 context-free programming language. Empirical results
                 are presented which show that the mapping improves the
                 performance of GP under mutation and reproduction.",
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