Genetic Programming Produces Strategies for Agents in a Dynamic Environment

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  author =       "Robert E. Keller and Walter A. Kosters and 
                 Martijn {van der Vaart} and Martijn D. J. Witsenburg",
  title =        "Genetic Programming Produces Strategies for Agents in
                 a Dynamic Environment",
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  notes =        "

                 Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and Universite Libre de
                 Bruxelles in collaboration with PharmaDM and under the
                 auspices of BNVKI/AIABN (the Belgian-Dutch Association
                 for Artificial Intelligence), SIKS (School for
                 Information and Knowledge Systems), and SNN (the
                 Foundation for Neural Networks).

                 Distributed Agents evolved to play 2 reduced versions
                 of chess {"}poor man's chess{"} and {"}pseudo

                 Summarised in \cite{langdon:2002:bnaic02ec2}",

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