Exploring the Possibilites and Restrictions of Genetic Programming in Java Bytecode

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  author =       "Stefan Klahold and Steffen Frank and 
                 Robert E. Keller and Wolfgang Banzhaf",
  title =        "Exploring the Possibilites and Restrictions of Genetic
                 Programming in {Java} Bytecode",
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  size =         "5 pages",
  abstract =     "\cite{FrankKlahold:masters}",
  notes =        "GP-98LB

                 p121 all crossover and mutation operations produce
                 correct syntax byte code. All initial, random code, is
                 legal (use of user supplied semantically legal class
                 file) insertion of small fragments of random code which
                 leave virtual machine stack at same depth (and state?).
                 Random genetic and initialisation operation operate on
                 whole instructions. Ie respect their variable length.
                 p122 function regression, image reconstruction, seven
                 segment LED digit. No run time errors.

                 p123 'better chance for the evolution of a valid stack
                 when the number of parameters is low.' Problem of
                 method calls becoming extinct.

                 p124 'an evolved bytecode program may not pass a
                 specific [implementation of a] virtual machine's class
                 file verifier.'

                 First author may be misspelt as Klanhlold",

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