Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming at Stanford 1997

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  editor =       "John R. Koza",
  title =        "Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming at Stanford
  publisher =    "Stanford Bookstore",
  year =         "1997",
  address =      "Stanford, California, 94305-3079 USA",
  month =        "17 " # mar,
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming",
  ISBN =         "0-18-205981-2",
  URL =          "",
  notes =        "Thu, 27 Mar 1997 07:03:18 PST

                 This volume (ISBN 0-18-205981-2) contains 24 papers
                 written and submitted by students describing their term
                 projects for the course {"}Genetic Algorithms and
                 Genetic Programming{"} (Computer Science 426) at
                 Stanford University offered during the winter quarter
                 1997 (both on campus and on SITN TV). The appendix to
                 this volume contains material providing basic
                 information about the course, including schedules,
                 reading lists, project instructions, and the take-home
                 final. In the take-home final examination in this
                 course, each student {"}peer reviews{"} 4 papers
                 written by other students in the class. Copies of the
                 1997 volume (ISBN 0-18-205981-2) are available DIRECTLY
                 from Stanford University Bookstore for $12.54 plus
                 $6.00 shipping and handling (in the USA) by calling
                 415-329-1217 or 800-533-2670 or by writing Stanford
                 Bookstore Stanford University Stanford, California
                 94305-3079 USA

                 The E-Mail address of the bookstore for e-mail orders
                 is The WWW URL for
                 the Stanford Bookstore is

                 Be sure to mention the ISBN number, exact title, refer
                 to {"}Custom Publishing{"} and {"}CSD 000{"} when
                 ordering to avoid confusion with course readers,
                 collections of student papers, and other materials
                 associated with my courses at Stanford.",

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