Automated Synthesis of Computational Circuits Using Genetic Programming

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  abstract =     "Analog electrical circuits that perform mathematical
                 functions (e.g., cube root, square) are called
                 computational circuits. Computational circuits are of
                 special practical importance when the small number of
                 required mathematical functions does not warrant
                 converting an analog signal into a digital signal,
                 performing the mathematical function in the digital
                 domain, and then converting the result back to the
                 analog domain. The design of computational circuits is
                 difficult even for mundane mathematical functions and
                 often relies on the clever exploitation of some aspect
                 of the underlying device physics of the components.
                 Moreover, implementation of each different mathematical
                 function typically requires an entirely different
                 clever insight. This paper demonstrates that
                 computational circuits can be designed without such
                 problem-specific insights using a single uniform
                 approach involving genetic programming. Both the
                 circuit topology and the sizing of all circuit
                 components are created by genetic programming. This
                 uniform approach to the automated synthesis of
                 computational circuits is illustrated by evolving
                 circuits that perform the cube root function (for which
                 no circuit was found in the published literature) as
                 well as for the square root, square, and cube
  notes =        "ICEC-97, cube root, square, embryonic circuit",

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