Genetic Programming

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  abstract =     "INTRODUCTION The goal of getting computers to
                 automatically solve problems is central to artificial
                 intelligence, machine learning, and the broad area
                 encompassed by what Turing called machine intelligence
                 (Turing, 1948, 1950). In his talk entitled AI: Where It
                 Has Been and Where It Is Going, machine learning
                 pioneer Arthur Samuel stated the main goal of the
                 fields of machine learning and artificial

                 [T]he aim [is] . . . to get machines to exhibit
                 behavior, which if done by humans, would be assumed to
                 involve the use of intelligence. (Samuel, 1983)

                 Genetic programming is a systematic method for getting
                 computers to automatically solve a problem starting
                 from a high-level statement of what needs to be done.
                 Genetic programming is a domain-independent method that
                 genetically breeds a population of computer programs to
                 solve a problem. Specifically, genetic programming
                 iteratively transforms a population of computer
                 programs into a new generation of programs by applying
                 analogs of naturally occurring genetic operations.",
  notes =        "Updated in second edition: 2014, Genetic Programming,
                 Riccardo Poli, John Koza, pp143-185,
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                 Replaces \cite{koza:2003:gpt}. Conference in Nottingham
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