Genetic Programming II Videotape: The next generation

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  author =       "John R. Koza",
  title =        "Genetic Programming II Videotape: The next
  publisher =    "MIT Press",
  year =         "1994",
  address =      "55 Hayward Street, Cambridge, MA, USA",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming",
  URL =          "",
  abstract =     "The 1994 book \cite{koza:gp2} Genetic Programming II:
                 Automatic Discovery of Reusable Programs extends the
                 results of John Koza's groundbreaking work on
                 programming computers by means of natural selection,
                 described in this first book, Genetic Programming. This
                 videotape provides an explanation of automatically
                 defined functions, the hierarchical approach to problem
                 solving by means of genetic programming with
                 automatically defined functions, and a visualisation of
                 computer runs for many of the problems discussed in
                 Genetic Programming II. These problems include symbolic
                 regression, the parity problem, the lawnmower problem,
                 the bumblebee problem, the artificial ant, the impulse
                 response problem, the minesweeper problem. the letter
                 recognition problem, the transmembrane problem, and the
                 omega loop problem.",
  notes =        "Accompanies \cite{koza:gp2}

                 VHS NTSC Format (KOZGV2)

                 VHS PAL Format (KOZGP2)

                 VHS SECAM Format (KOZGS2)",
  size =         "62 minutes",

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