Genetic Programming for Improved Receiver Operating Characteristics

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  author =       "W. B. Langdon and B. F. Buxton",
  title =        "Genetic Programming for Improved Receiver Operating
  booktitle =    "Second International Conference on Multiple Classifier
  year =         "2001",
  editor =       "Josef Kittler and Fabio Roli",
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  publisher =    "Springer Verlag",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, data fusion,
                 data mining, knowledge discovery, Receiver Operating
                 Characteristics, ensemble of classifiers, size fair
                 crossover, cost-sensitive, cost trade off, non-uniform
  ISBN =         "3-540-42284-6",
  URL =          "",
  URL =          "",
  URL =          "",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1007/3-540-48219-9_7",
  size =         "10 pages",
  abstract =     "Genetic programming (GP) can automatically fuse given
                 classifiers to produce a combined classifier whose
                 Receiver Operating Characteristics (ROC) are better
                 than [Scott et al. 1998]'s \cite{scott:1998:BMVC}
                 ``Maximum Realisable Receiver Operating
                 Characteristics'' (MRROC). I.e. better than their
                 convex hull. This is demonstrated on artificial,
                 medical and satellite image processing bench marks.",
  notes =        " Technique in
                 \cite{langdon:2001:gROC} used to combine different
                 classifiers on trained on different data.",

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