A Many Threaded CUDA Interpreter for Genetic Programming

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  author =       "W. B. Langdon",
  title =        "A Many Threaded CUDA Interpreter for Genetic
  booktitle =    "Proceedings of the 13th European Conference on Genetic
                 Programming, EuroGP 2010",
  year =         "2010",
  editor =       "Anna Isabel Esparcia-Alcazar and Aniko Ekart and 
                 Sara Silva and Stephen Dignum and A. Sima Uyar",
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  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, GPU, GPGPU,
                 Tesla, sub-machine code GP, Reverse Polish Notation",
  isbn13 =       "978-3-642-12147-0",
  URL =          "http://www.cs.ucl.ac.uk/staff/W.Langdon/ftp/papers/langdon_2010_eurogp.pdf",
  URL =          "http://www.cs.ucl.ac.uk/staff/W.Langdon/ftp/papers/langdon_2010_eurogp.ps.gz",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1007/978-3-642-12148-7_13",
  size =         "12 pages",
  abstract =     "A Single Instruction Multiple Thread CUDA interpreter
                 provides SIMD like parallel evaluation of the whole GP
                 population of 0.25 million reverse polish notation
                 (RPN) expressions on GeForce 295 GTX graphics cards and
                 nVidia Tesla. Using sub-machine code tree GP a sustain
                 peak performance of 665 billion GP operations per
                 second (10,000 speed up) and an average of 22 peta GP
                 ops per day is reported for a single GPU card on a
                 Boolean induction benchmark never attempted before, let
                 alone solved.",
  notes =        "C code available via
                 11-mux, 20-mux, 37-Mux, multiplexer.

                 Part of \cite{Esparcia-Alcazar:2010:GP} EuroGP'2010
                 held in conjunction with EvoCOP2010 EvoBIO2010 and

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