Cost-Sensitive Classification with Genetic Programming

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  abstract =     "Cost-sensitive classification is an attractive topic
                 in data mining. Although genetic programming (GP)
                 technique has been applied to general classification,
                 to our knowledge, it has not been exploited to address
                 cost-sensitive classification in the literature, where
                 the costs of misclassification errors are non-uniform.
                 To investigate the applicability of GP to
                 cost-sensitive classification, this paper first reviews
                 the existing methods of cost-sensitive classification
                 in data mining. We then apply GP to address
                 cost-sensitive classification by means of two methods
                 through: a) manipulating training data, and b)
                 modifying the learning algorithm. In particular, a
                 constrained genetic programming (CGP), a GP based
                 cost-sensitive classifier, has been introduced in this
                 study. CGP is capable of building decision trees to
                 minimise not only the expected number of errors, but
                 also the expected misclassification costs through a
                 novel constraint fitness function. CGP has been tested
                 on the heart disease dataset and the German credit
                 dataset from the UCI repository. Its efficacy with
                 respect to cost has been demonstrated by comparisons
                 with noncost-sensitive learning methods and
                 cost-sensitive learning methods in terms of the
  notes =        "CEC2005 - A joint meeting of the IEEE, the IEE, and
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