Genetic Programming, Proceedings of EuroGP'2001

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  title =        "Genetic Programming, Proceedings of EuroGP'2001",
  year =         "2001",
  editor =       "Julian Miller and Marco Tomassini and 
                 Pier Luca Lanzi and Conor Ryan and Andrea G. B. Tettamanzi and 
                 William B. Langdon",
  volume =       "2038",
  series =       "LNCS",
  address =      "Lake Como, Italy",
  publisher_address = "Berlin",
  month =        "18-20 " # apr,
  organisation = "EvoNET",
  publisher =    "Springer-Verlag",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, Program
                 Trees, BDD, VHDL, Linear representations, Parallel
                 programming, Bloat, Image processing, Evolvability,
                 Controller design, MAX Problem, modular robot, Pattern
                 Recognition, Fixed points, Feature Extraction, VLSI
                 CAD, Multipopulation structures, Cellular model,
                 Boolean function landscape, Machine Learning, Robotic
                 Arm, Iterated Function Systems, Evolution of size, DNA,
                 Length distributions, Computational Complexity, Time
                 Series prediction, Process modelling, Causality,
                 Animat, Crossover bias, Multi-expression individuals,
                 Symbolic Regression, One-then-zeros problem, Intrinsic
                 Polymorphism, STGP, Knowledge Discovery, Dynamic
                 Fitness, Grammatical Evolution, Genotype-Phenotype
                 Mapping, Problem Generator, Turing machines, Genetic
                 Reasoning, Artificial Retina, Block-oriented
                 representation, distributed control, robust, Neutral
                 mutation, Active Character Recognition, Inverse
                 Kinematics, Evolvable Hardware, Layered Learning,
                 Contour detection, Developmental Genetic Programming,
                 Structure Optimisation, Strongly Typed GP, Linear tree
                 structure, Distributed Genetic Programming,
                 Polymorphism, Subtree-swapping Crossover, Grammatical
                 evolution, Humanoid Robotics, Variable-length Genetic
                 Algorithms, GP representation, PolyGP, Parallel
                 evolutionary algorithms, Robot soccer, Multiple
                 Sequence aligment, Quantum Computing, Robots,
                 self-reconfigurable, ROC, Fitness landscape glitches,
                 smart membrane, Multi-objective optimisation, Genetic
                 operators, EASEA, Digit Recognition, Heuristic
                 Learning, Hierarchical abstractions, Context Free
                 Grammars, Subtree Encapsulation, Neutrality, Typed GP,
                 Code Reuse, Crossover, Biotechnology, Graph-based
                 Genetic Programming, Grammar, Multiagent systems,
                 Discipulus, Digital Filters, Stereo Vision, Receiver
                 Operating Characteristics, Handwritten digit
                 classification, Evolution Strategies, Brain Building,
                 Constraint handling, Bioinformatics, Adaption,
                 Exploration vs. Exploitation, Image Processing, Linear
                 Genome, Adaptation, scalable, Color Constancy,
                 Electronic Design, Data Fusion, Binary Decision
                 Diagrams, Adaptive Genotype to Phenotype Mappings,
                 Combining Classifiers, Evolutionary Algorithms,
                 Financial markets, Standard Crossover, Modularisation,
                 Parallelism, Schema theory, Data Mining, Global
  ISBN =         "3-540-41899-7",
  URL =          "",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1007/3-540-45355-5",
  size =         "391 pages approx",
  notes =        "EuroGP'2001",

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