Automatic Software Repair: a Bibliography

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  author =       "Martin Monperrus",
  title =        "Automatic Software Repair: a Bibliography",
  institution =  "Centre poor la Communication Scientifique Direct",
  year =         "2015",
  number =       "hal-01206501",
  address =      "France",
  month =        "21 " # nov,
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, Software
                 Engineering, GenProg",
  hal_id =       "hal-01206501",
  hal_version =  "v1",
  URL =          "",
  URL =          "",
  size =         "34 pages",
  abstract =     "This article presents an annotated bibliography on
                 automatic software repair. Automatic software repair
                 consists of automatically finding a solution to
                 software bugs, without human intervention. The
                 uniqueness of this article is that it spans the
                 research communities that contribute to this body of
                 knowledge: software engineering, dependability,
                 operating systems, programming languages and security.
                 Furthermore, it provides a novel and structured
                 overview of the diversity of bug oracles and repair
                 operators used in the literature.",
  notes =        "University of Lille and Inria. Little mention of GP
                 except University of Virginia work. gismo

                 automatic repair (program repair, self-repair)
                 automatic fixing (bug fixing, program fixing) automatic
                 patching healing (self-healing) automatic correction
                 (self-correcting) automatic recovery (self-recovering)
                 resilience automatic workaround survive (survival,
                 survivability) rejuvenation biological metaphors:
                 allergies, immunity, vaccination

                 EXP, Jaff, Mutation, Metaprogram, Semfix, PAR, Nopol,
                 Relifix, DirectFix, SPR, CodePhage, SearchRepair,
                 Prophet, AutoFix-E, Alloy for repair, Pachika.

                 .NET, Arithmetic overflow, Buffer overflow, Overflows,
                 AutoPag, AFix, Android, SoupInt, malformed HTML, R2Fix,
                 Proof, Reference implementation, architectural repair,
                 test repair, failure-oblivious computing, missing
                 checks, Carburizer, SQL injection, Findbugs, input
                 filter generation, unhandled exceptions, contract,
                 Software Rejuvenation, Microreboot, Checkpoint,
                 recovery block, automatic workaround, data diversity,
                 input rectification, Rx DieHard, Exterminator,
                 ClearView, Assure, loop perforation, RCV, redundancy,
                 assumption, patch, acceptability, overfitting,
                 benchmark, crash-only, software, SafeDrive,
                 Bristlecone, systematic edit, Coccinelle, HelpMeout,
                 BugFix, MintHint, Excel.

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