Two-Step Genetic Programming for Optimization of RNA Common-Structure

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  ISBN =         "3-540-21378-3",
  URL =          "",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1007/978-3-540-24653-4_8",
  abstract =     "We present an algorithm for identifying putative
                 ncRNAs using an RCSG (RNA Common Structural Grammar)
                 and show the effectiveness of the algorithm. The
                 algorithm consists of two steps: structure learning
                 step and sequence learning step. Both steps are based
                 on genetic programming. Generally genetic programming
                 has been applied to learn programs automatically,
                 reconstruct networks, and predict protein secondary
                 structures. In this study, we have applied genetic
                 programming to optimise structural grammars. The
                 structural grammars can be formulated by some rules as
                 tree structure including function variables. They can
                 be learned by genetic programming. We have defined the
                 rules on how structure definition grammars can be
                 encoded into function trees. The results we obtained
                 from the experiments with RCSG of tRNA and 5S small
                 rRNA and demonstrate the efficiency of our algorithm.",
  notes =        "EvoWorkshops2004

                 esRCSG used in \cite{Nam:2005:NAR}",

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