Automatic Selection Of Features For Classification Using Genetic Programming

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  author =       "J. Sherrah and R. Bogner and B. Bouzerdoum",
  title =        "Automatic Selection Of Features For Classification
                 Using Genetic Programming",
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                 Conference on Intelligent Information Systems",
  year =         "1996",
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  oai =          "oai:CiteSeerPSU:263920",
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  abstract =     "Classifier design often involves the hand-selection of
                 features, a process which relies on human experience
                 and heuristics. We present the Evolutionary
                 Pre-processor, a system which automatically extracts
                 features for a range of classification problems. The
                 Evolutionary Pre-processor uses genetic programming to
                 allow useful features to emerge from the data,
                 simulating the innovative work of the human designer.
                 The Evolutionary Pre-processor improved the
                 classification performance of a linear machine on two
                 real-world problems. Although these problems are
                 intuitively difficult to solve, the Evolutionary
                 Pre-processor was able to generate complex feature
                 sets. The classification results are comparable with
                 those achieved by other classifiers",

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