Simulation of Evolvable Hardware to Solve Low Level Image Processing Tasks

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  abstract =     "The long term goal of the work described in this paper
                 is the development of a bio-inspired system, employing
                 evolvable hardware, that adapts according to the needs
                 of the environment in which it is deployed. The
                 application described here is the design of a novel and
                 highly parallel image processing tool to detect edges
                 within a wide range of conventional grey-scale images.
                 We discuss the simulation of such a system based on a
                 genetic programming paradigm, using a simple binary
                 logic tree to implement the genetic string coding. The
                 results acquired from the simulation are compared with
                 those obtained from the application of a conventional
                 Sobel edge detector, and although rudimentary, show the
                 great potential of such bio-inspired systems.",

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