Schemas and Genetic Programming

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  abstract =     "To investigate the mechanisms which enable systems to
                 learn is among the most challenging of research
                 activities. In computer science alone it is pursued by
                 at least three communities (Carbonel 1990; Natarajan
                 1991; Ritter et al. 1991). The overwhelming majority of
                 all studies treats situations with strong inductive
                 bias, i.e. there is a fairly narrow class H of
                 algorithms and the concept or algorithm to be learned
                 is known a priori to lie in that class H.

                 With the help of schemas and genetic programming we
                 describe systems which:

                 interact with the real world

                 make theories about the consequences of their actions

                 dynamically adjust inductive bias. We present
                 experimental data related to learning geometric
                 concepts and moving a block in a microworld.",

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