Automatic Generation of Intelligent Agent Programs

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  author =       "Lee Spector",
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  abstract =     "One cause for excitement about agent oriented AI is
                 the belief that it is easier to write programs for many
                 narrow, autonomous systems than for fewer, broader,
                 user-driven systems. A related cause for excitement is
                 the primary message of these comments: it is also
                 easier to automatically generate agent programs. The
                 artificial life, machine learning, and automatic
                 programming literature already describes many
                 experiments in which systems with agent-like properties
                 have been automatically generated. Although most of the
                 previously generated systems have been too simple to
                 perform helpful tasks for actual users, recent advances
                 suggest that useful intelligent agents will soon be
                 within reach of these techniques. The paper focuses on
                 one particular technology, genetic programming, but
                 related points should apply to other automatic
                 programming technologies",

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