Evolution and Evaluation of Document Retrieval Queries

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  title =        "Evolution and Evaluation of Document Retrieval
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  size =         "2 pages",
  abstract =     "This short paper introduces some ideas for the
                 application of Genetic Programming to the task of
                 producing queries for the accurate retrieval of
                 documents on a particular topic of interest. This
                 application will involve expanding the initial query
                 given by the user, using extra words that have various
                 semantic relationships to the words of the original
                 query via the use of a system such as WordNet, and
                 using Genetic Programming to optimize how this
                 expansion is done. The aim is to produce an optimal
                 general template of expansion, that can be used for any
                 particular query a user may make. The method suggested
                 is one that will be used to produce a search enhancer
                 that can be used with existing search engines.",
  notes =        "http://cnts.uia.ac.be/conll98/proceedings.html


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