Automated Discovery of Discriminant Rules for a Group of Objects in Databases

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  title =        "Automated Discovery of Discriminant Rules for a Group
                 of Objects in Databases",
  author =       "Tae-wan Ryu and Christoph F. Eick",
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  rights =       "unrestricted",
  size =         "6 pages",
  abstract =     "This paper discusses our research overview and
                 problems in discovering useful knowledge from a
                 structured database. This research is an extended work
                 of a prototype system, MASSON that discovers
                 discriminant rules in the form of database query for a
                 set of objects using genetic programming. In order to
                 discover useful discriminant rules in a database, the
                 basic approach that is employed in this research is
                 first cluster the given database into clusters that
                 contain a set of similar objects, then the set of
                 objects in each cluster is provided to the discovery
                 system, MASSON. We also discuss several research
                 problems in clustering a structured database.
                 Introduction Discriminant rules are rules that
                 exclusively describe the characteristics for a set of
                 objects in a given data set. In this framework, the
                 rules cover only the specific set of objects without
                 covering any other objects in a given data set.
                 Discovery (or unsupervised learning) systems can
                 discover such rules by themselves wh...",
  notes =        "",

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