Evolving Protein Motifs Using a Stochastic Regular Language with Codon-Level Probabilities

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  title =        "Evolving Protein Motifs Using a Stochastic Regular
                 Language with Codon-Level Probabilities",
  author =       "Brian J. Ross",
  year =         "2002",
  booktitle =    "6th IASTED International Conference, Artificial
                 Intelligence and Soft Computing, ASC 2002",
  address =      "The Banff Centre for Conferences, Box 1020, 107 Tunnel
                 Mountain Drive, Banff, Alberta, T0L 0C0, Canada",
  month =        "17-19 " # jul,
  organisation = "The International Association of Science and
                 Technology for Development (IASTED)",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, stochastic
                 regular expressions, protein motif",
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  abstract =     "Experiments involving the evolution of protein motifs
                 using genetic programming are presented. The motifs use
                 a stochastic regular expression language that uses
                 codon-level probabilities within conserved sets
                 (masks). Experiments compared basic genetic programming
                 with Lamarckian evolution, as well as the use of
                 {"}natural{"} probability distributions for masks
                 obtained from the sequence database. It was found that
                 Lamarckian evolution was detrimental to the probability
                 performance of motifs. A comparison of evolved and
                 natural mask probability schemes is inconclusive, since
                 these strategies produce incompatible characterisations
                 of motif fitness as used by the genetic programming

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